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Poly vinyl chloride (PVC)


    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) S65 is a very popular plastic material. Also, In the present situation, it is one of the most valuable products of the petrochemical industry. Generally, more than 50% of PVC usage is in building construction, because PVC is cheap and easily bonded. In recent years, PVC has replaced traditional building materials such as wood, cement and pottery in many areas. Despite the advent of an ideal material in construction, there is still concern about the cost of PVC for the natural environment and human health.



    Frequent uses for PVC include: Vinyl Siding, magnetic sign of cards, vertical cutting of windows, phonograph pages, tubes, plumbing, ducts and fittings, cheap handbags, dark windows (without sight) and in its soft form for There are clothes, upholstery, such as blinds, flooring and roofing, electrical cables, lightweight balls.

    It is also often used for plumbing water and sewage because of its natural cost and flexibility


    PVC contains approximately 70% by weight of chlorine. This polymer possesses thermoplastic properties. Grade S70 has low porosity & very high bulk density. Therefore, it is most suitable for rigid applications, high machine throughput & specific applications as additive polymer.



    PVC S 70-16 has easy processing characteristics for In general, shipping of the resin is done in bulk. all plasticized applications. It is recommended for the Most common bulk transport modes are silotrucks calendaring of both transparent and non-transparent and pressurized containers for rail and sea transport. film/sheet and the extrusion of cables. This grade is also designed for low Fish-Eye applications, food contact applications or rotomoulding